Established in 2007, Shanxi Telunsen trading co.,ltd is located at Qi county, Shanxi Province where the region enjoys a reputation as “the manufacturing capital of handmade glassware.” Having engaged in the glassware industry for over 10 years and specializing in the design, processing and sales of glassware products, Shanxi Telunsen trading co.,ltd has possessed over 20,000 types of main products including a whole selection of high-end mouth-blown wine glasses, decanters, beer mugs, water glasses, candle holders, vases and centrifugal handmade fruit bowls. Meanwhile, our products can also be further categorized into: crystal glasses with high transparency and no decoration, colored glasses as well as glasses with deep decorative processing (gold and color ornaments, engraving, sandblasting, electroplating, decals and so on).
     We have customers in China, North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and the Middle East.Telunsen has built up stable cooperation with more than 20 renowned domestic glassware suppliers! Telunsen set up 2 offices focusing on the quality inspection on glassware products.